The ProtoPie Color System

We recently conducted a series of brand-building workshops to define what our brand is and how it should be portrayed. We tacked different aspects such as Tone of Voice, our unique Brand DNA, Visual Elements and Style Guide.

Today, we'll talk about 'The ProtoPie Color System' which consists of 11 color spectrums. Our unique color palette, which we named our 'Unified Harmony Color System', is versatile for many different channels. We took 6 warm colors from the ProtoPie color system for the main branding color palette and by Layering and blending a Base Color and an Overlay color, we created a Unified Color.

The system helps our designers to stay balanced between the brand and the product. It also inspires users to be more creative and demonstrates our friendly, approachable mood.

Find more about our brand system and its purpose here.

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Posted on Dec 2, 2021
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