Rebound/Warm Up: Winter Landscape

Note - December 3rd, 2021

Wow! Over 1k views!! I hope the rest of my output impresses! Probably wont!


Note - December 2nd, 2021

Oh wow! You guys really liked this one! So many views and so many likes!

Like I say in the text proper, I was working out of my element on this one and I'm glad to see it payed off! Maybe I should try more scenery based takes when I'm not cooking up a million logos!


Another week, another day. Another week, another Rebound/Warm Up entry!

This week's warm-up called for a 'Winter Scene' which is...far out of my comfort zone. I've barely taken any art classes, I know little to nothing about anatomy or landscape drawing, etc. etc. My main zone of work is in graphic design with a specialty on logo work.

But let it be said that I'm not willing to give something the old college try!

While the prompt called for a 'Winter Scene', they didn't say it couldn't be stylized! So I went with a flat, shapely postcard look. Kind of retro kitsch-ish.

Also went a little wild with the texture brushes in Affinity Designer to add that nice old damaged look that you get with holding onto a memento from the past~


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