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Hi Everyone,

It has been quite a few months since I've posted something new on Dribbble. In the first half of this year I had the opportunity to collaborate with RocketTheme on the design of two new Joomla templates. It was a fantastic opportunity to go back to my routes, and take a small break from the very UX focused projects I'm mostly involved with these days. Designing templates can also be a lot of fun as you have a lot of creative freedom to go mad (in a very artistic kind of way), to explore different ahestetical approaches that would be difficult to pursue in other types of projects with very specific goals and targets (ex: Web Applications, which is where my heart is).

The first template is called Vermilion, and from the start one of the main ideas was to create a wrapped body that would allow for some creative uses of backgrounds while maintaining a very coherent structure. As with template design one of the main criteria is versatility, it was crucial to make sure that the content could also be rearranged at will, while still maintaining some logical hierarchy. This is why a lot of templates are usually very minimal and simplistic in nature (less is more), and if we want to pursue a design that embodies a more unique personality, we usually find difficulties due to the natural constraints. It is this harmony between flexibility and uniqueness that drove the entire design process.

A template also needs to have a target category, and while we usually try to come up with a template that can potentially be used in many different scenarios, Vermilion was clearly made to focus on business while maintaining a very artistic nature without compromising professionalism (aesthetically).

I hope you enjoy this different than usual, yet very fun project I'm presenting this time. You can also take a look the RocketTheme website for more templates, they're currently working on some very nice projects, including a Flat-File CMS called Grav.

Please make sure you check out @2x preview and the attachment.

Note: All the photos used in this work were only used for demonstration purposes on my Dribbble page.
OliBac, Justin De La Ornellas, Catch a Falling Star, Naomi Kyle, Thomas Leuthard, Unsplash.


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