Machine bearing

When Machine bearing fail to meet their expected life or performance levels, the consequences are far reaching, and include; increased down time, high maintenance costs, loss of revenue, and missed deliveries.

This has a negative impact on your reputation, and your bottom line.

To help mitigate failures and provide remedial action, we can expertly examine, test, and analyse a wide range of bearing performance parameters both on-site or off-site.

We can perform failure analysis on your bearings regardless of brand, and where they were sourced.

What if we could monitor the condition of the machine on a regular schedule without stopping the machine?

The advantages of regular condition monitoring are:

  • Reduction of the Duration of Scheduled Maintenance: As the condition of the machine will be known beforehand well before the machine is stopped for maintenance, lesser time can be spent in visually inspecting the components.

  • Reduction in the number of Unplanned Stops: Regular condition monitoring will also reduce the number of unplanned stops as the condition and life of the various components can be predicted and a plan can be put in place to replace or repair them.

By employing the latest techniques and technologies available, we can do this conditional monitoring in a non-invasive way that does not require machines to be stopped. This means that production can continue uninterrupted while the analyses are being carried out.

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