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What is a Film Pitch Deck?

It doesn’t matter you’re creating a short film, web series, TV show, or feature film; if you’re a scriptwriter or director, you’re going to need a screenplay pitch deck if you're seeking funding for your film or TV show. A film pitch deck is a valuable tool to verbally sell your script to studio executives, producers, or anyone else within the industry. Moreover, it is a visual supplement to your screenplay that explains why and how you are making this film.

How to create a Film & TV Pitch Deck?

You might be interested in the popular Film & TV Pitch Deck Template designed by our team at cutting-edge slides based on decks that closed millions in the entertainment industry. Creating a professional screenplay pitch deck takes just a few minutes of copy & paste in PowerPoint or Keynote with this template — check it out here.

Our team of experts have designed award-winning pitches for nearly a decade, closing over $250M+ in deals & investments for leaders across industries: such as Stan Lee Studios & the Irvine Company. We have worked with household names ranging from Fortune 100 brands like PEPSICO & JCPenney to award-winning startups.

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