Logistics Software Contact Illustration


Here’s the final (for now) illustration Oldspeake designed for the newly revamped VuTrans site.

The Problem

This one was pretty straight forward. We needed to design an illustration that would accompany the contact section, support the messaging, and work stylistically with the rest of the site . 

The Solution

VuTrans is a modern, digital tool designed for a classic, established industry. Throughout our conversations with VuTrans we knew how important it was that both of these concepts were represented. 

An old school citizens band (CB) radio illustrated in the same isometric style as the other illustrations captured that spirit. 

Pretty Cool

One of the major goals of the site was to generate one-on-one conversations with the VuTrans leadership. The contact section is the only screen on the site to utilize the VuTrans orange fullscreen, an effort to make this section easily noticeable. 

The four knobs on the CB represent the 4 members of the leadership team, and we were even able to sneak in the 21 channel to hint at the site’s launch date. 

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