- Stop losing your insights

Howdy! I'd like to share with you the project I've been working on for the past two years as a UX/UI designer which reached Product Hunt's Product of the Day.

The challenge

Creating and designing functionalities that will allow users to combine the knowledge found on the Internet in the way our brain does. For ease of use, the entire project had to be visually and functionally coherent.

The solution

During many workshops, we have developed with the client functional assumptions that will be coherently combined to create the connections system. To ensure the consistency and ease of introducing changes to the project, we have created a design system based on atomic design with full documentation for developers.

What's Trickle? is a web app that helps you stop losing your insights.

With a single click on any device, you can add any video, article, an expert and be sure to never lose it. The best part comes in right now - you can connect anything with anything if you decide that they are complementing each other or just are related to the same topic. With that functionality, you can create an infinite web of knowledge, accessible to you at any given time. 


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