Cyber Monday 100% Discount — Pixel Bazaar

Not related to my current career track, but it was too tempting not to make an experiment and resurrect a good ol‘ side project I was working on years ago, and use Cyber Monday as a marketing springboard. 😃

Check out Pixel Bazaar. Or better yet, upvote it on Product Hunt.


This is a positioning experiment. In a niche that is already oversaturated and undervalued, I‘m positioning my icons business as a brand that promises a few things (explained on the website), while others don‘t. And because of that, Pixel Bazaar might justify a higher price tag for premium icons than the competitors. While others compete on price, I do the same— but compete to be the most expensive for the sake of exclusivity.

But for now, everything is at a 100% discounted price! So, if your icons supplies are dwindling, go and refill them at

Zlatko Najdenovski
A retired designer crafting tiny visuals

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