Alexander Melville

Lathe Typeface

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Lathe Typeface 3d cinema 4d type font typography gif animate typographic graphic design render

I set myself a personal project with the goal of designing a custom typeface that would be modern and clean.

I decided not to design a typeface from scratch as there are so many great ones out there, but I could add a personal touch to enhance an existing one. I chose Futura as a base typeface for its simple, clean and modern characteristics. I started by creating a base generative extrusion which was applied to each character and then tweaked to form a style I thought worked best. I came to like the idea of a lathed typeface as it produced the modern and clean look I tasked myself with but also with my personal 3D style applied to create a personalised product. Materials were then explored and applied to the characters to see how different materials effected the look and feel.

See the full project on my personal website
or on Behance

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