Landing Remake Live

Landing Remake Live

We are live in Russian at .
And we'd love to invite you when international website is live, too.

I went for a one-pager now.
There's a recurring pattern of explicative bits from our FAQ, followed by an actual screenshot and an actionable element. All but one screen are admin screens, to see what's inside, too, without being obliged to sign up. Mixed up in between are some notes that serve generally for amusement, like the one on .IS land. Tried hard to keep the copy alive.

There are several points on the page at which you can log in to the app. They're serving a few possible scenarios — tied together with goals different people might have in mind. E.g., promoting an existing store or service brand, enriching customer experience and creating more leads. Or selling more on their own to a community, in a blog or a Facebook page. We also have a temporary, pay-as-you-go solution for those stuck in development for long ;-)

The 20-sec-implementation Chat

You can jump to a chat on Facebook at any point. We've used a link you can find on any Facebook page that enabled receiving messages. The difference is that we don't get a modal window overlaid – you go straight to your inbox, where a brand new conversation is already open. While on any business page, try pushing the Message button with cmd (ctrl) pressed down. That's exactly it.

No obvious way to make it work with the messaging app on mobile, though. Sadly, no API exists for that on desktop either. Just to say, Facebook Chat API enables you to connect friends, but not strangers or business entities.

No Direct Answer (for Why would I learn about your service in my role)

I didn't cover roles this time. When I think 'role', 'Persona' almost slips from my tongue. Pretty simplified, we have a hired employee and a small business owner — who manages to explore most things herself. We have restaurant PR managers and agency managers who look for a proper tool on behalf of their clients.

I keep working on it. Please, share your thoughts!
If anything, ping me on Twitter, @allergeek, or by email,


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