Nurses Job Marketplace App

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Hey, everyone! Check out the new shot — a marketplace for nurses! It’s a service where nurses can look for a job according to their specialty 👩‍⚕️

On the 1️⃣st screen you see the offer of the day and popular offers. You can set up offers according to your interests with the help of the filter. On the offer card there is a price of the service and a distance from you🔥

On the 2️⃣nd screen users see details of the offer and its description. The user can see the price for an hour and total hours🕰

💜We used purple as the accent color because it evokes a feeling of calmness and reliability. Also, this color is frequently used in healthcare apps🏥

The nurses can choose any job that they like and can plan their work schedule by themselves📆

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If you want to know how we designed Healthcare App, check out our article.

Interface by Nikita Lavrik

Motion by Anastasia Sergienko

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