Ceramic Tile Makers

Ceramic Technics Limited is a leader in the production of custom tile and mosaics.

They wanted to update their logo that better represented their brand and what they represent in the ceramic tile industry.

Lately there have been varying trends in over complicating the logo types, although they wanted something modern, they also wanted to have a resonating image within the minds of Architects, Interior Designers, and Ceramicists.

The concept of the logo monogram comprises the joining of the letterforms like the joining of tiles to make a beautiful pattern.

Like architecture, the form creates spaces and rooms combining sharp corners with smooth edges.

It highly satisfied the client with the final logo design direction.

This seems to speak more clearly about what Ceramic Technics Limited wants to communicate.

It’s strong, enduring and, best of all, concise.

Reflecting architectural characteristics without being to cliché.

It was an instant hit with the involved project planners, because of the smooth marble like character in its angular corners.

This also allowed the company to be more groundbreaking in its approach in the ceramic field, yet simple in its approach.

More recently, they have fitted the logotype to a more modern approach in the design which fits perfectly matching the original logomark.

Posted on Nov 23, 2021

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