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Screen shot 2011 05 12 at 6.19.19 pm

It's my turn to do homework this week. I played around with the mockup Micah did. See full screen shot here.

I still want the type to be as simple and straight forward as the original, but I also want to add a little bit of personality to it. So I'm thinking a giant image for the header/title of each post?? Not sure how it's going to work with a tumblr blog, but we'll figure that out later.

Plus, pull quotes, to break up the paragraphs and makes it easier to read long articles. Again, might be a challenge to turn into a tumblr theme.

I have to say, I think Micah did an awesome job with that the new icon. Our current logo is so big and detailed, it's always a challenge to try making it small.

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