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Reusable packaging design we developed for Joji Natural, a sustainable, small batch, unequivocally good skin care. Jo Mortensen founded Joji as a force for good in the beauty industry. As a sustainability professional, she developed Joji to live in alignment with people and our planet – and the deep knowing that every choice we make matters. Joji empowers people to own their responsibility – not with guilt, but with promise.

They handcraft small batches of exquisite skincare products that nourish the body and mind. The products are full of high-quality organic, fair trade, and cruelty-free raw materials. Their supply chain is ethical and environmentally conscious in every aspect – formulation, sourcing, production, energy, transportation, and waste minimization. Their refill program makes it easy to put Joji’s packaging back in circulation.

The identity and packaging system are inspired by Island, the place that inspired the founder to launch this brand. We created a logo icon with a fresh, icy texture and applied it across the full packaging system. The packaging info is organized by thin grid lines to convey efficiency, elegance and to also make the products ready-for-shelf. We used aqua color for the Refill Collection and earthy, desaturated colors for the Reuse Collection, which are both sustainable and more eco-friendly than usual plastic containers.

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