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Last night as I was heading to my office for the night shift, this FREAKY DEAKY DEER peered in the window from the porch. Due to the light on the porch and from the window it had those "I am hear to eat your brains and devour your soul" type eyes. I did not need the coffee after that as my heart was nearly pounding out of my chest.

Had to do a drawing of it ... mostly for therapy, so I could laugh at it, rather than not sleep this week. I am sure that poor fella is saying the same thing as I sure startled him as he was making a salad bar of my wife's flowers.

Plus, gave me a chance to have fun with the @Kyle T. Webster new Gouache set! Endless possibilities!

I am also thinking about doing a book inspired by this incident, less freaky, more fun. But thanks zombie deer for sparking some ideas!

Full view on the attachment.

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