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Hi everyone!

Thursday’s already here, and we at Zajno have more to show off of the working process on our website project for a biotech company Biomsense that helps scientists understand gut microbiome data! Specifically, I now want to get into the details of creating visuals of cells, particles and organisms.

As I was making this project, I constantly thought about how the human body is really similar to the universe – both being made up of vast, uncountable assemblages of objects, whether stars or cells. Our bodies play host to processes we can’t even comprehend, and making animation of bacteria in 3D Visuals was a particularly interesting challenge. It was hard to display the organism in terms of cells within the confines of a streamlined colour scheme where both the cells, and the background behind them, would be green.

I worked in Cinema 4D with a displacer and dynamics for particle motion, with some of the spheres set through the spline for more control. Meanwhile, Igor supported me through the process of getting together all the visuals and making cycle background animation via After Effects. The cell approach was kind of a try-out, and I did run into one problem, when the cell covered the entire screen – but some near-magic features helped me make a beautiful transition from one cell to another.

How many particles did you count in the visuals? Like this shot if you found more than 1000!

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