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Kiddy Log [Update v 1.1]

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Kiddy Log [Update v 1.1] app ui ios7 ipad iphone kiddylog baby tracker


Some new screens for KiddyLog, which BTW available on the App Store right now —

We rethink timer and notes screens. Also we changed Helvetica to Avenir Next.

Some official description about KiddyLog —

Kiddy Log is an actual alternative to the young mother's diary. You will never forget what your baby ate on breakfast few days ago, when it had a fever or which vaccination did it get the last time. You can put all necessary information to Kiddy Log and view it at any time you like.

Kiddy Log has a friendly interface that helps you to easily add, edit and delete notes. You can quickly find your note and track your baby's growth week by week.
Kiddy Log will save your time!

See all screens in full sizes in the attachments.

Have a nice week, folks!

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