Typographic poster fun

Typographic poster fun

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I wrote another process piece for the good folks at Design Cuts. You should go have a look at it now. It involves type in Illustrator. It's pretty straight forward stuff, but it's always good to have a record of these things somewhere.

This one has a story worth writing about. I was working on concepts for the projects when I heard about Robin Williams' death.

This stopped me dead in my tracks. I started working on a piece based on a quote by Williams as Genie in Disney's Aladdin (the first time I saw a Disney movie, and a performance by the man).

We were all super happy how the piece turned out, but quickly realized that we wouldn't be able to use it: it's a piece based on copyrighted material, promoting a product for sale. This diminished the integrity of the homage, even if it wasn't the intention at first. Not to mention the copyright lawyers that would blow a fuse pretty quickly, and rightfully so.

We decided to shelve the Robin Williams' piece, and to produce this one instead. It still features a nod to the Genie (the color scheme), but in a more subtle manner.

This meant one long night of writing for the first piece, immediately followed by a day scrambling around to complete this new piece and the associated writeup.

Anyways. I hope you'll like the poster and the process post.

Also, you can have a closer look at the piece in the attachments.

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