BiomeSense Case Study Animation

Hi everyone!

The importance of health in society is nothing new, but lately it has grown to previously unseen proportions. Because of this, the BiomeSense project, which lets us fully understand and leverage the human microbiome, is something truly significant.  

Working on the health improvement visualisations that are incorporated into the site’s design was quite an education for me, so I decided to create an animation based on what I learned to share with you as part of this Zajno’s case study. 

In order to show the full process of the site’s creation, I worked entirely in Adobe After Effects to do everything from page layouts to formatting and 3D animation. 

The result is something resembling a living organism, continually transforming itself before your very eyes! 

As always, I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

P.S. Many thanks go to Daniel, who made the website design, and to Bogdan for awesome 3D Graphics.

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