My Abortion Story With MTP Kit

I got my abortion when I was 18. I and my boyfriend had plans to get married but not have a child so soon. I was finishing my final semester and the best option was abortion as my boyfriend could afford it at that time because of insurance cover. So after making the decision we chose to buy abortion pills online and got this website showing various abortion pills. So I chose to go for the MTP Kit and ordered it. The delivery was on time and I must say that the website was very good in terms of service and support. They explained the process and they have provided all the useful details on the website.

When I got the pills I opened them and took the Mifepristone pill first and did not observe anything. On the second day, I took Misoprostol buccally by keeping it under the tongue for 30 minutes. I was feeling like vomiting but I controlled it so much. And then after 3 hours, I started observing severe cramps and soon the bleeding started. My abortion started and it was the feeling of relief. I told my boyfriend and he also got stress-free. 

Some common side effects observed were stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and bleeding which continued for almost 10 days. After 15 days I did my pregnancy checkup which turned out to be negative and that’s where I got trust in medical abortion and abortion pills. 

After passing of 6 months I broke up with my boyfriend as he did not want to get married and have kids so we parted our ways and I used to cry myself to sleep. I had no one to talk to and nowhere to turn. I was stuck in the middle of my ex. After moving on I got married to a guy who changed my life completely. Almost a year later I am so grateful that I found my husband and freed myself from my ex. I completed my degree and I got pregnant. I would love to make this choice again and again and I am so grateful for my pregnancy as I am blessed with twins (a baby boy and a baby girl).  My pregnancy is normal and safe despite having an abortion last year. My babies are also safe. I am so happy and glad that I trusted a genuine and good website that helped so much and I do not have any complications in my pregnancy because of abortion. Thanks a lot. I am so grateful for safeabortionrx.