Kyla - Interactive Personification


We had the opportunity to work with Kyla to provide a visually-appealing and delightful user experience to their customers/patients about how they tackle the challenges each day.

The Client

Kyla is a California-based startup that consists of data scientists, software engineers, and managers who have been developing a disease Bayesian Network that incorporates 100s of diseases (soon to be 1000s) and can predict which question to ask at which time that will make the most impact.

The Challenge

Kyla approached us to help them figure out a better way to give the users (patients) a good enough/clear reason to come back each day. They also wanted to tie together all their applications into a clear flow to users and present them through an integrated communication/chat interface.


After the research and analysis we conducted, we realized that every healthcare product has its own voice and more or less one thing to offer that is unique to themselves. That’s basically the most distinct way to gain visibility when the brands tend to enter the market but those are not the only things that differs the competitiors from each other. Demographics, target audience, how they speak and what they focus also help them to concretize their characteristics.

From a brand and product design perspective, Kyla needed a new visual language that speaks for itself. To do this, we defined certain points to increase the awareness of Kyla’s offerings to potential users. Besides the COVID testing and Medical chat features, we emphasized other features with the new visual look&feel that was consistently used on the new web mobile app interfaces.

Alongside the branding and the new visual style, we deeply focused on the user experience as well. We designed the mobile app as an interactive personification of “Your Health” that leads the website which is in line with it. UX & UI design for both web and mobile Interaction design and prototyping

Services provided

UX&UI design for web and mobile

Interaction design and prototyping

Special thanks

Thanks to Nic, and Garick for their insights and valuable feedback throughout the project. Also a big shout to Filip, Matej, and Adrian for being a vital part of the process on BB’s end.


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