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So it's been awhile since my last post, but today I was inclined to share with you one of the recent developments on -- the Stream redesign.

As a designer with some experience, I've discovered that humility is something found wanting in our space and I can assure you the project set a box of humility on my door step every day since the start. Was it something that I welcomed? Sure, but that being said with a grain of salt. But after having gone through these painful and humbling processes, I think it's safe to say that they have shaped me into a "designer" (of whom solves problems; save the pretention) versus one who pushes pixels around the screen, banking on the fact that the aesthetics will make everything else go away.

This comp is "lited", which is to say that it is grayscale & bears minimal layer styling; I find handling design in such a way frees me from getting caught up in the aesthetics, thus my attention is wholly dedicated to solving problems.

There may be a few areas that are unclear in this comp (and don't mind the redundant icon use and poor icon quality), but I welcome questions of any sort for those of whom need clarification.

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