Graphic Novel Publisher Logo

Dc 01

A proposed concept for a graphic novel publisher and film production company, which develops dark, controversial, and edgy human and superhero stories that deal with the internal conflict of morality within today's society.

The idea was to capture the feel of the company and what it represents without being too literal, with the aim to invoke curiosity. In this case the name didn't need to jump out immediately, so it seemed a great opportunity to stack the letters into two grids of nine (3x3). This plays to the 'CONFUSION' part of the name, as well as encouraging people to engage longer with the logo.

I wanted the type to have a hand drawn, desperate feel to it, almost as if someone had quickly scraped the letters into the earth with a stone.

I found the morality conflict very interesting and thought it summed up the focus of the company well, so I wanted this to come through in the design. Therefore, I choose to split the logo between positive and negative, white and black, good and bad, creating a visual tension between the two halves.

The intention is for the main logo to be black on white, however, the above example shows how it could be used reversed with some transparency, as I expect it to be used this way over various backgrounds.

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