Illustration (top half) for a mountain bike race in Mexico

Happy to be sharing this illustration I made for a mountain bike race in Mexico.

I traveled from Spain to Mexico to work with the team and get inspired first hand by the unbelievably wild nature of Valle de Bravo. Shredded some downhills in San Lucas Bike Park and got immersed in the intense green and toasty terracota waves of those beautiful woods and loamy trails. It was like sneaking into a secret cave.

I also crashed at the end which definitely made me connect with the grounds on a whole different level ^^

In this shot:

For the vegetation (pines, oaks and ferns) I used a jade green which in Mexico is a colour with a symbolism that goes deep in their history and roots. The birds are a Red-tail Hawk (top) and a Trogon (on the branch) or "flag bird" since its colours resemble Mexico's flag.

This is just the top half of the piece. I'll be sharing the bottom part and full poster, as well as the race official jersey.

Pamela Zuloaga
Graphic Design & Illustration

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