Anron Icons 8: Free Demo

Hey guys! I'm very excited to announce that the largest update since the first release of Anron Icons is on the way. Now there are 3,840+ icons / 5 styles in total. All icons have been redesigned from scratch to take their look to the next level. And the brand new Gestalt style from which the idea of this pack was born was added!

But the best thing is that now everyone can try these Figma-first icons completely free for both personal and commercial projects. I carefully hand-selected 96 essential icons in 5 styles to be as useful as possible and perfectly fit your UI concepts.

If you are even a little like me, then this library will give you exactly the level of customization that you dreamed of without getting out of Figma. Easily change the path, stroke weight, or corner radius of any icon in seconds. Adapt icons to fit your concepts, not vice versa.

– Created in Figma from scratch and with love

– 480/3,840+ icons, 5 flexible styles, well-organized library

– Free updates

– Doesn't require Adobe to edit, available from any browser

– Fast library loading, whole package weight as 1 track on Spotify

Wide possibilities for group changes

– Most of the vector points in paths are set exactly on the grid

– Boolean groups inside each icon

Variable stroke

Variable smooth corners

The cleanest layers panel

– Two ways to resize icons

– Smart switching between styles while maintaining the icon color

Smart version control

– Optimized for web SVG

– Well-organized IconJar library

– Naming in kebab-case format for developers

– Changeable color for all 5 styles in the code

Grab them from my Gumroad for $0.

Connect with me on Instagram to follow the journey.

Your feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

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