Spendsafe Brand Identity

This is from a brand I worked on earlier this year with MetaLab. I led brand strategy and visual identity alongside their product team to create a fun new visual language.

An excerpt from the Brand Story: "Over the last decade, there’s been a remarkable uptick in kids that lack the skills to understand, manage and win with money. More people at younger ages are getting into financial trouble. In a recent study, it was found that 80% of children couldn’t pass a financial literacy test."

Spendsafe is helping tackle this problem. By supporting kids and parents through an educational app, and debit card, Spendsafe is helping kids develop their financial independence.The visual identity was built on the idea of "Trusting the process." Through signature-esque paths, gradients, and a mark that symbolized a fingerprint, we sought to create a visual system that showcased aspects of developing independence.

We didn't want to stop at winning with money—but rather we endeavored to invite parents to imagine how their kids might launch, and ultimately create a lasting impact on the world.

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