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Hey-ho, friends!🖖 Check out our new shot – website builder.

On the main screen you can see the workspace. On the left side there is a panel with all the elements that we can add to the interface —  text layers, images, buttons, inputs, icons, and so on🖥

💫On the right panel there are settings of certain elements — settings of layers including fonts, colors and so on. In the center there is a layout of landing that the user creates.

We used minimalistic color palette — 🖤💙. Accent blue and black colors don’t distract the user from creating a design.

The main app feature is not only usage of ready-made elements but also creation of new ones🤩

Press ❤️ if you like our design and share feedback!

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Interface by Sergey Bulanov

Motion by Anastasia Sergienko

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