Scooters Sandwich Shop

A few weeks ago as a part of the annual Dropbox Hack Week I made a sandwich shop inside the office along with help of @Drew Roper that served up fresh, made to order t-shirts, with daily specials throughout the week. This is by far one of the most fun and crazy projects I've ever worked on and was an experience I will never forget. Everything from the pattern on the sandwich paper, branding and storefront visuals were a collaboration between the two of us.

Huge props to @Claire and @Alice Lee for contributing designs for the sandwich shirts and our glorious summer intern Sam for being the strong voice of calling out orders.

ALSO...mad props to my friends over at Mama's Sauce for their flawless print work on the sandwich paper.

Check out the attachments to see more details and keep your peepers on the lookout for more Hack Week funsies still to be shared.

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