Edgar is a project I've been working on like crazy for the past year with my partner Damjan (http://blok-blok.com), but soon the team got bigger. We're a young yet experienced team of designers, storytellers and developers. Edgar (http://edgartells.me) is made up of a team of six with more than 100 storytellers and creatives in our internal network of freelancers. We are a unique breed where user experience design meets brand storytelling, and illustration meets agile development.

At BlokBlok we believe a good story easily beats the biggest of advertising budgets. Instead of spending big on ads, brands should engage their peers with great content. To help them do that, we created Edgar, our own storytelling brand, named after the great storyteller Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar gives brands the tools and access to the best creatives, so that they can delight their customers with awesome stories.

So, that's the story behind the logo, and yes, I will share more about the brand in the following weeks.

Posted on Aug 6, 2014

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