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College Signage Directory | Plaque Designs

As part of moving onto a new and improved campus during my course of study, the new college campus is short of an official and creative signage system. To help solve this problem, our year group were asked by the college itself to design and pitch our own ideas on how we could help students and staff navigate around the campus. Once the ideas were seen by the management, best design would then chosen and used across the entire building.

My designs incorporate a clean, colourful, and flat visual look that also rely heavily on the use of icons, the use of icons, I felt, would help those who cannot read, and possibly those who do not speak English.

One idea that has already been used on the current and temporary signage system was the use of colour coding each different department for instant recognition and the idea of individuality between the various departments. I felt that by taking this further in terms of colouring the text and the badge in which the icons are situated would give a colourful and eye-catching style.

To see the full project, head over to my Behance blog! :)

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