Anti Tobacco Day

On the occasion of World Tobacco Day 2021, Lead Gravity posted content promoting an anti-tobacco stance, specifically targeting the teenager and young adult demographics.  The idea of the post was to relate to the audience their childhood memories of eating wafer roll sticks as kids during breaks and stealing them from cupboards without parents noticing. As time passed and people got older, these wafer sticks slowly turned into cigarette sticks smoked during breaks and stealthily without parents noticing. 

The design of the wafer package and the leaning wafer roll was created keeping in mind the size, shape, and structure of a cigarette and cigarette packets, subtly implying to replace cigarette packets with wafer packages. The typography focused on promoting the anti-tobacco stance, as mentioned above, encouraging the audience to replace cigarette sticks with wafer roll sticks. 

The overall messaging of the post was that of reminiscing childhood memories, restoring and sticking to them rather than taking them for granted and replacing them with something harmful and dangerous. 

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Posted on Oct 23, 2021