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Pre-order time 🛍 Shoplon Style-guide (Typography)

Pre-orders: Hey folks 👋🏻 , You can get the Shoplon UI bundle Kit for the lowest price ever.

🛍 What is the Shoplon?

Shoplon is a premium E-commerce UI kit that you can use to build various e-commerce apps. Including over 320 nicely crafted minimal screens which you can use in your projects.

🥰 Why you should use the shoplon kit?

Are you short on time? Shoplon is the solution! Because in addition to main screens, we have designed various states for the pages. Screens can be categorized under 8 different types: onboarding, authentication, product, main screens, order, profile, checkout, and return & request.

Shoplon is designed in a beautiful light and dark theme and we have optimized each and every object according to the theme!

💎 Fully component-based with 100+ trendy and useful components, Shoplon is one of our coolest UI kit design systems with precise spacings, inputs, action buttons, standard style guides for fonts and colors, and our beloved iconly pro icons!

🚀 Shoplon includes some of our other products such as Localy ( Download ), Bannerly (banners), Cardly (cards) and, shoply illustrations which are going to be released very soon!


  • Each screen is made carefully and easily customized for any project as well. Enjoy!

  • 320+ minimal screens

  • Components

  • Dark & light theme

  • Included premium banners, cards, illustrations and maps.

  • Precise Groupings and namings.

  • Auto Layout & Variants

  • Organized and categorized Frames(Artboards)

  • All e-commerce screens steps

  • Figma Compatible

  • Free fonts and images

  • Standard iPhone Screen size


Thanks for your support. 🍻❤️


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