The Warsaw Uprising was a major World War II operation, in the summer of 1944, by the Polish underground resistance, led by the Polish resistance Home Army (Polish: Armia Krajowa), to liberate Warsaw from German occupation. The Uprising was fought for 63 days with little outside support. 

It was the single largest military effort taken by any European resistance movement during World War II. The Uprising began on 1 August 1944 as part of a nationwide Operation Tempest, launched at the time of the Soviet Lublin–Brest Offensive. 

Many old walls in Warsaw hide a lot of stories, memories and experiences that not everyone knows about. While walking the streets, we may not be aware that we are in a place where important events from a given period happened.

The walls of Warsaw hide it’s secrets.

The concept was based on the idea of ​​the wall. Many buildings and streets have been preserved in worse or better condition. When walking around the city, you can see many plaques commemorating historical events, mainly from the period of the Warsaw Uprising.

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