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Slick Headers Hero templates

Go get them now: Slick Headers

Shave off hours on your design process with these flexible and fully customizable vector backgrounds and vector mockups.

The Mockups come with screen placeholders out of the box to make it super quick to place your image on the screen.Pure vector-based backgrounds that allow complete customization for the shape and colors and export as SVG.The backgrounds use basic Figma filters(no plugin dependencies) which makes it possible to export the shapes of complete backgrounds as super lightweight SVG instead of large size PNGs.

These can be linked in HTML and have the advantage of being just 1/10 in size compared to a PNG and are Infinitely scalable so multiple files for different screen densities aren't required.The product contains 35 backgrounds and 15 mockups(in 2 different colors).

Go get them now: Slick Headers

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