Mobile first website redesign


Clearsite (Former employer)




2019 / 2020


Mobile first redesign for the company website of my former employer. I did this project with my fellow designer Wilco Westbroek and my (former) development colleagues. One of the few projects we really worked on as a team from beginning to end, which was a really nice experience! 🤙🏽

The previous website didn’t meet the business expectations. It also didn’t fit the (new) identity anymore. And when you got time left due to not many projects lifting off, what better time than to invest in yourself? 🏋🏼

The challenge was to really showcase the expertise that Clearsite has to offer. Showing the portfolio was very important. However, this shouldn’t be the only indicator of the available skills. Every aspect of the website is supposed to be a representation of the skills Clearsite has in-house. From source code to content to animations. The end result is a website in which every part is done by by the Clearsite team ✨

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