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Hi Guy's,

I know there isn't much in the way of content on the site yet, but I am launching our "Fundamentals of Illustrator CS5" 1080p video series later this week and I expect that will draw more traffic.

For the past month I've been running a contest to give away a new iPad 2 & SmartCover, and I'm excited to see that there have been over 12,000 entries into the contest!

As you see, I will be doing everything I can to provide terrific content and keep traffic building. One of those things will be providing free resources for the community to download. I have a few items there now under "Resources" that are available for download if you want to check them out.

The idea is, I would ideally love to have enough people submitting files, that I could provide a new one every-day. If your file is uploaded, you will have the ability to show your Avatar, Short Bio, and Social Media links on the file download page. If you would like to submit your file to SuiteTuts, simply use the link below to get to the upload form.

I really think people are going to love this site. As far as I know, there is't anywhere else on the web that provides 1080p video training, resources and awesome contests AND provide this ALL for FREE. I know there are tutorial sites out there which are free, but this is Adobe Certified Instructor training!! No need for $25-$30/month subscription fees or $99 Lesson DVD's anymore. :D

Check out SuiteTuts:

Submit your Resource:

Thanks a bunch guy's! I appreciate you taking the time to read this. :D

- Joshua


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