Dewy - Personal skincare buddy

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The Problem

Entering the skincare journey for a beginner in this day and age is just like visiting Times Square. It's bright and shines, yet it's all about the advertisement, and it's overwhelmed.

Despite the benefits of the internet and technology, people have begun running on information overload due to the massive amount of content created on social media. People feel lost and frustrated in picking up or maintaining an effective skincare routine that can help to either improve their skin health or treat their skin problems.

The Solutions

I designed a skincare app that makes skincare more accessible and curated based on skin type and goal. Users will get tips and insights crafted by dermatologists and licensed estheticians, coupled with AI skin scanning evaluation. Furthermore, users can track the effectiveness of the routines with the built-in daily logging feature.

Hope you like my skincare app. Connect with me if you'd like to see the case study. Would love to hear any feedback!

Posted on Oct 18, 2021

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