3dicons - open-source 3D icon library

Hey Dribbble,

I launched 3dicons.co last week. 3dicons is a set of 120+ beautifully crafted open-source icons that have been created in Blender and made available to the community. Under CC0 license, source file FREE.

  • 1440+ Rendered PNG files that contain -

  • 120+ icons - 4 colors style (including clay white)

  • 3 camera angles - 2400 x 2400 px image - .blend file (setup to customise as per need in Blender)

  • .fbx file (if want to import to 3D software like - C4D)

  • 3dicons Figma File(Compressed PNG) - 3dicons mockups Figma File (Web, Post, App example)


Download everything including source file from 3dicons.co

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