Nagarro Rebranding

Nagarro's internal core values are best described with the acronym CARING. It stands for Customer-centric, Agile, Responsible, Intelligent and Global. We aim to live up to these values and represent our company to our customers and audiences through them. CARING is close to our heart. It drives us to deliver the best results, to be the best colleagues, to push beyond simply delivering a solution - Caring elevates us, it is our super-power.

Our super-N logo represents our core values; our mantra; our line of thoughts. Our N is elastic like a “living thing”; a symbol that metamorphoses into different images and meanings. It provides a sense of power, energy, agility, dynamic, movement and flexibility. It represents a continuous effort to evolve, improve and fortify the relationships with our valued partners. It is also a vehicle to share our thinking, our attitude and our principles with the entire World.

2020 would usher in a new era for Nagarro. Becoming a publicly traded company on the stock market, we reached an important milestone. Along with this transition we were inspired to reintroduce ourselves to the world and showcase how large scale technology companies should function. Leading by example, and guided by our core values, we set out to tell our story.

And who better than us to tell this story? As a company whose strength lies in it's incredible people, this was a great opportunity to showcase to the world the tremendous collaborative and creative branding talents of our team members.

We are Nagarro Digital Product Engineering company that is scaling design in a big way! We build products and experiences that inspire, excite, and delight. We work at scale — across all devices and digital mediums, and our people exist everywhere in the world (in 26 countries, to be exact).

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