Eventual Ghosts Soundtrack and Mock

This Mocktober I wanted to make a faux soundtrack inspired by artists like John Carpenter and S U R V I V E. I had a ton of fun making it. I hope you enjoy it - you can listen to it here. I kept a loose story in my mind when making the music the carried over into the mock. Hoping to builds this site before 2022. See the full pixels here.

Making this soundtrack and mock reminded me of my own childhood. When I was 11 I gave up trick-or-treating to help run a community haunted house with my local Boys and Girls Club. It was totally worth it. I’d have John Carpenter’s Halloween theme and other classics blasting away. Before the night ended someones child would either be laughing or mortified that they’d wet their pants. Participating in that type of magic is something I won't forget. Happy Mocktober everyone!

eventual ghosts.png
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