Chrome Tattoo Paris #3 - Tattoo & Profile

Hello !

I'm glad to share a project made a few months ago. It's an immersive experience that will make you dive into Toma Pegaz's cyberpunk universe, a tattoo artist from Paris. Here a short navigation between Tattoo and Profile pages. And some graphic tests for the overall universe of the experience.


"Taking inspiration from science fiction, Chrome represents the personality of the shop. You will be able to interact with him, and he will allow you to make a direct appointment with Toma, but also take a look at his work, immersing you in his universe."

Creative development by Alexis Benoit

Take a look here


Credits :

Made in association with Lost Mechanics

3D Artist Auguste Lefou

Behance | Linkedin | Instagram

Cl矇ment Casanas
Art Direction & Design Discover some stuff

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