WTF is a Liquidity Event ? - Craft Beer Label Design

Merging three growers of undervalued Chinook hops with Citra creates a stunning ITO (Initial Taste Offering) Being the heart of Silicon Valley, we love a pun based on jargon! A Liquidity Event usually involves massive amount of liquidity (money) flowing into a company. Usually a startup goes public or sells to another company and that creates the Liquidity event. We thought it was prime for a craft beer spin. But how do you visualize such an esoteric reference while also conveying the flavor of the beer. A stock chart! I worked up a West Coast "lemon-Lime" inspired color palette and started playing around. For the stock chart, I created smooth flowing lines to reinforce the smooth nature of the beer. Although I discovered that some contrasting lines set to Hard Mix in photoshop added just the right texture to the waves of the stock chart. Would you sell your company stock for this beer? What do you think it would taste like?

Pine Watt
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