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We will explain to you our project with Padok, or how we accompanied them in their growth. Make the Grade’s teams worked on a colorful and effective design to modernize their graphic identity. Let’s see how we did it in details :

The client : What is Padok’s mission? 

Since 2018, Padok supports companies on cloud expertise and IT infrastructure project development. Padok is an expert on AWS, GCP, Azure, Kubernetes and Terraform technologies. Padok wants to increase its growth by improving its online visibility. 

The challenge 

To achieve Padok’s goals, a redesign of their website is necessary. First of all, We created a brand new graphic design to modernise Padok’s identity. Our teams also developed flexible modules on the CMS HubSpot, so Padok’s teams can easily modify them. The performance of the website is optimized with the SEO techniques. 

The services 

To realize this project, Padok chose HubSpot's CMS, Marketing Starter and Sales Hub professional:

  • Ergonomic mockups

  • Graphic mockups

  • Web style guide

  • Site map dedicated to conversion and SEO

  • Development of pages on the HubSpot CMS

  • Integration of semantic and SEO content

The results

Padok is supported in its hypergrowth and the objectives in terms of design and performance are achieved. In fact, the click-through rate increased by +50% on the website. The objective is fulfilled both on the design part and on the performance of the website. 

About Make the Grade

We are a growth marketing agency, our mission is to support the growth of B2B companies through the acquisition of new customers.

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Posted on Oct 7, 2021
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