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Take a look at our new shot — a POS system for gas stations ⛽️ It helps cashiers do their work fast and avoid mistakes like selling 40L instead of 50 or forgetting to put some item in the check. 

⬅️To the left, you see the navigation bar with the main products: fuel, food & drinks, tobacco. 

⏺ In the center, you see the chosen products. The cashier can add liters, see the total amount and check the discount. If everything is correct, click ‘Confirm’. If not, push the ‘Clear’ button.  

➡️ To the right, there are statistics on the amount of fuel available now at the gas station. The user also sees the sales figures by different periods: week, month, year. 

🟢 In the rush hour, the customer flow is enormous and you have to be 100% focused to avoid mistakes. That’s why we used accent green to help cashiers focus fully. 

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P.S. If you want to gain insight into UI/UX design trends, check out our article. 

Created by Eugene Khalturin

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