Off-white "DUNK" loading idea.

'sup guys

Working on a project for fun. The idea is to make a fun micro site where you could check out all 50 of the new offwhite dunks. I'm seeing at as a fun project to try out some animation stuff and try a bit of a different style than my own.

Here's a first idea of what a loading animation could be. The idea is based of the box the shoe comes in (the box has holes in it). Not 100% satisfied with this direction tho, not happy with how the website itself doens't have any movement in it but still thought i'd share. Gonna probably try out another some other stuff as well.

In the carousel you can find some stills of the animation.

Fonts used

Monumement extended (big title)

IBM plex mono (small text)

Curious to here what you think!

Have a great day guys! Peace✌️


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