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Sketches (Argh!)

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Sketches (Argh!) sketch process logo monogram k

Yikes, I feel naked!

I get *very* nervous designing in the open. During and even moreso when a design has been released into the wild. I'm trying to change that because even as nervous as I get, I really appreciate a good dose of feedback/critique in the initial creation phase.

So, while I was digging through some old work I found some sketches of my K monogram. There is much, much more of this. I'm a messy, chaotic sketcher but it's the most important part of my process in anything I design.

This is still all a sort of semi work in progress as I'm still not entirely satisfied with the mark so any suggestions would, as always, be most welcome :)

(... all this throwing-caution-to-the-wind before my morning coffee. Goodness)

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