Hope you guys like this old packaging concept done many years ago. This was the first time I did a project completely out of my confort zone. Strange but true, after many many years I'm still proud of it.

A pack is not just a container. It's a medium. Even when it contains the most common of products: milk. It not only contains, holds, protects its content but communicates and encourages the awareness around a product.

"Lattina©" subverts the traditional anonymous milk packaging to convey a message too often forgotten: milk is an organic, natural product.

That is why "Lattina©" is a small reconstruction of an old canned milk container. This concept has been thought in many different versions, designed to transform the container in a collectible object, able to build awareness around issues like the importance of drinking biological milk, produced in not-intensive herds.

You can see the full view & 100% on Behance.

Hope you enjoy it!

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