Safari For Yosemite - Refined Toolbar Controls

Safari for yosemite   refined toolbar controls

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Top: Safari's current toolbar controls
Bottom: Refined toolbar controls

I quite like Yosemite however I have many issues with the UI (I'm submitting lots of feedback using Apple's Feedback Assistant). In this particular case it's the new text field control. In my opinion they seem rushed and a step backwards.

Yosemite transitioned from OS X 10.9 Mavericks inset text field—which was immediately recognizable as a control that lets you select, edit and act on text, whether it was a search box, text input, URL bar, etc—to a text field identical in appearance to a toolbar button. This new appearance lacks in both obviousness and affordance and it isn't immediately apparent that you're actually able to type in them.

On top of this, their appearance and functionality are inconsistent throughout the OS (Take Xcode for example, the 'activity viewer' and 'scheme menu' controls look identical to toolbar buttons, yet act completely different (than toolbar controls or each other).

Because of the reasons outlined above, I think that the text fields should be differentiated from toolbar buttons in appearance. They're distinctly different controls and accomplish distinctly different tasks.

Also, I really don't like Safari's new Back/Forward controls. I think they'd look much better as a unified control. In fact, the style I've used in this concept comes straight out of Safari's 'Customize Toolbar…' sheet


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