Landing page for a tech product

This is part of a larger project for a solopreneur client.

After doing a few rounds of usability testing and qualitative interviews with customers, we discovered that visitors would often talk about this product's website not feeling trustworthy, which could deter some from buying a subscription.

We decided to invest in a redesign of a few key elements of the buyer journey. I am pretty happy with how the landing page turned out given the limited amount of time we could invest in it.

A few key changes I made on the landing:

  • Actually showing the product (or at least an illustration of it)

  • Improving the usage of the original font (more contrast with font weight, more appropriate line-heights)

  • Making spacing more consistent

  • Using a more modern design for cards

I've also added a shot of the payment page, which we've also reworked.

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Posted on Sep 29, 2021
Laurent Grima
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