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This is Krystallo, a super hero I created back in 1998.

Krystallo is a mixture of my favorite super heroes:
Spider-Man (
Batman (
Ripclaw (
Spawn (

His body is covered in zillions of microscopic translucent bio-spheres called "krystalls". The krystalls obey to Krystallo's thoughts and spoken words.

Also, because of their biological nature, the krystalls can also 'sense' when there's danger near Krystallo and react to protect him by increasing their size and forming a thin, translucent and incredibly strong "shield" all over his body.

When Krystallo is fighting his hands turn into razor sharp claws that become more and more sharp and lethal as his fury increases.

In addition to the incredible sharpness of his claws, along the blades of his claws the krystalls start vibrating and are constantly increasing the speed at which they vibrate. This rapid vibration generates heat, so much heat that the blades are not only ungodly sharp but they are also superbly hot... white hot. Anything that gets in touch with Krystallo's blades is pretty much sliced through and burned in a single action.

Man, I hadn't told that storyline to anyone before until this moment :].

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